Top 10 Groceries to buy Online During a Pandemic


During this coronavirus pandemic, there have been mandatory quarantine and “stay-at-home” orders. Most grocery stores and essential businesses have stayed open, but many consumers have preferred to just order their groceries online and have them delivered. This allows them to stay in place and stay safe while limiting their exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19). Plus, shoppers can avoid the long lines, crowded aisles, widespread shortages, and maximum order amounts that you’ll find in most brick-and-mortar grocery stores!

During this widespread coronavirus pandemic, it’s not uncommon for the grocery stores to be sold out of necessary products. Thankfully, you can turn to Pantry of Amazon store to get the essentials you need!
So, let’s go over the 10 essential grocery items to buy during a pandemic

  1. Rumiano Family: Organic Chipotle White Cheddar Cheese

RUMIANO FAMILY: Chipotle White Cheddar Cheese Bar, 8 oz

This product is non-GMO and USDA certified organic.

  1. Organic Valley: Mild Cheddar Cheese

ORGANIC VALLEY: Mild Cheddar Cheese, 5 lb

This is another product that is USDA certified organic.

  1. Chino Valley: Organic Free-Range Brown Eggs

CHINO VALLEY: Organic Free Range Medium Brown Eggs, 1 dz
Additionally, Chino Valley is a well-established California farm that is a best-selling product on:

  1. Siggi’s: Icelandic Style Nonfat Yogurt

SIGGI’S: Icelandic Style Skyr Strained Non Fat Blueberry Yogurt, 5.3 oz
This product is gluten-free and made without added sugars. Plus, all the milk comes from grass-fed cows.

  1. Noosa Yogurt

NOOSA YOGHURT: Strawberry Yoghurt, 8 oz

This is another premium yogurt brand that GreenDropShip carries in various flavors. It’s gluten-free and 100% natural.

  1. Montebello: Organic Pasta Tagliatelle

MONTEBELLO: Pasta Tagliatelle Organic, 16 oz
This premium product is both USDA certified organic and non-GMO Project verified.

  1. Lundberg: Organic Whole Grain Rice & Wild Rice
Organic-Whole Grain-Rice-Wild-Rice

LUNDBERG: Mix Rice Whole Grain & Wild Rice Organic, 6 oz
This premium product is USDA certified organic and produced by the Lundberg family farm.

  1. Goya: Canned Black Beans

GOYA: Canned Black Beans, 15.5 Oz

Much like pasta and rice, canned beans can be incredibly valuable during this coronavirus pandemic. That’s part of the reason why so many brick-and-mortar grocery stores are sold out and have instituted mandatory maximum amounts for each customer.

  1. Slap Ya Mama: Red Beans and Rice Mix SLAP YA MAMA: Red Beans and Rice Mix, 8 oz

This Cajun recipe combines two essential items: beans and rice! It’s also a microwaveable

  1. Earth Balance: Natural Peanut Butter & Flaxseed Crunch,16 oz

EARTH BALANCE: Natural Peanut Butter & Flaxseed Crunchy, 16 Oz

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